Friday, October 30, 2009

Good in Bed (Jennifer Weiner)

So the other weekend we were out for a walk on a beautiful fall day, and I wanted to swing by the library to pick up a book I had on hold. But I didn't have my library card. Which meant that instead of using the self-checkout machine, I'd have to hand my book to an actual librarian to check out. And so I handed her the copy of Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed. It shows considerable self-growth that I was only a little bit embarrassed by this. One, there's the title, and two, it's definitely chick-lit, not high brow in any sense. But I've come to realize that my definition of a good book is simple: one that you don't want to put down. And that's exactly what this book was.

Cannie, the main character, finds out that her ex has started writing a column in a women's magazine about her (titled Good in Bed). Horrified, this sets off a chain of events that include taking part in a weight loss study, befriending a famous celebrity, becoming pregnant, and reconciling with her mother's lesbian partner. I'm not going to say anything more about the plot because in trying to explain the whole thing to Jim, he was practically rolling on the floor laughing in disbelief. But the book is well-written, with fully developed characters. The very-dramatic-thing-that-must-happen in these kinds of books is a little too dramatic for me, and I did notice that the main character in this book and the main character in her third book, Little Earthquakes, have a lot of similarities (and similarities to the author), but that didn't make either book less entertaining to read. (I read Little Earthquakes this past summer, and also very much enjoyed it.)


Suzanne said...

Maria, I've been following this blog for awhile now and just wanted to say that I really enjoy your reviews. I will definitely check out the books you recommended on pregnancy when the time comes, and I think you pretty much convinced me to check out the Julia Child book, and soon. This is a great blog you guys have going - and I'm really glad I'm not the only one who sneaks in some chick lit or a beach read from time to time. :-)

Maria Duncan said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Oh, the Julia Child book is so good. I have fond memories of reading it. Yeah, the chick lit is pretty fun to read these days, especially when I'm grabbing the few moments to read when I can, thanks to Noah!