Friday, August 24, 2007

Our (Soon to be Over) Haitus

It's almost over, really! We moved. Really far away. And it turns out that you don't have much time for reading a lot of books when you do that. Or when you start working again the day after you arrive at your new home. Or when you go on an extended business trip to Boston just 10 days after that. But we have been reading the following:

  • Harry Potter. (Maria and Jim) That's all we're going to say on the matter (especially considering how grateful we were to have made it this long without having it spoiled for us).
  • Little House in the Big Woods. (Maria) Because, you know, nothing makes you feel better about living out of boxes without cable TV than reading about life as a pioneer, when the best form of entertainment you had was when your father blew air into a pig's bladder, tied it up, so you could bat it around like a ball.
  • The Penske Towing Guide. (Jim, with some minor cursing and dismayed, confused expressions) Even with illustrated directions in the paper version, this work is mysterious. And the first thing they tell you is, do NOT back up. Ever. You try driving 2,000+ miles without backing up.
  • The new issue of Real Simple Family. (mostly Maria, but Jim read Dean's letter) I wouldn't normally pick up this magazine, but this issue features some of our favorite people, ones we really know (Dean Bakopoulus and his two-year-old Lydia, with photographs taken, I'm guessing, by Dean's wife, the lovely Amanda Okopski) and ones we feel like we know from reading their blog all the time (Heather Armstrong and her daughter Leta).

We got our library cards yesterday, so we plan on getting some more reviews up here soon. In the meantime, what have you been reading?