Thursday, June 14, 2007

Help Save McSweeney's

A few years ago, my favorite magazine BUST almost went bust. But they called out to their readers to buy subscriptions en masse, and because BUST readers are a dedicated crew, they did (including me). And the magazine was (thankfully) saved. (Just ask Jim how excited I get on the day BUST arrives in the mail. It's a very exciting day.)

Well, now McSweeney's, a small independent publisher, has found themselves in a similar situation, in hard times. They are also reaching out to their readers (see here) and have a major sale on in their online store to try to get through this crunch. Jim has been the lucky beneficiary of many gifts I have purchased him in their online store, including English as She Is Spoke; Animals in the Ocean, In Particular the Giant Squid, and a very nice squid shirt (unrelated to the book, but just as cool). They also have many rare-item eBay auctions going on, including items donated by Nick Hornby and Sarah Vowell.

So if you are able, please check out their offerings and make a purchase. Their goods make great gifts.

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Unknown said...

My universe continues to expand. Had no clue there was a magazine Bust or that it was your favorite. Now I have a small clue, and now I know it probably isn't for me.

Further expansion carried me into McSweeny's. Do you have or have you seen any issues of their Quarterly Concern?