Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mostly True: A Memoir of Family, Food, and Baseball (Molly O'Neil)

I found Mostly True on the new book rack at the library. How could I pass it up? A book that combines food and baseball? What's not to love? Molly O'Neill is the sister of former Major Leaguer Paul O'Neill (he's one of her five brothers). And if you're like me and that name doesn't ring a bell (because you are not a Yankees fan), Jim helpfully reminded me that Paul O'Neill guest-starred as himself in a Seinfeld episode (the one where Kramer makes him promise to hit two home runs in a game for a sick kid in the hospital).

I had not heard of Molly O'Neill before, but I found out she has made quite a name for herself in reviewing restaurants for The New York Times, and while developing her cooking and writing career, she became good friends with such food personalities as Julia Child.

I figured that I had my hopes up too high for this book as it combined two of my favorite things in life, so I was fully prepared for it to be mediocre. I was so wrong. From the very beginning of this book, it was clear that O'Neill writes well and with energy. It's a beautiful book that moves from baseball to cooking seamlessly. I spent a good half-hour on a sunny beach in Hawaii finishing the book before I would get in the water because I didn't want to put it down. It was that good.

Next book up: Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before by Tony Horwitz


Anonymous said...

Looking this morning at a NY Times list of 100 books reviewed. If you haven't already seen it you might like to check it out at
Thought of you when I found Bill Bufford's Heat reviewed there. Your blog is really great. Like it better every time I go there. Especially like the growing cache of reviews and the ease of going back to them.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mork in the White Mountains

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is the full URL from Monk. (Thanks, Monk)