Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Send in the Idiots (Kamran Nazeer)

I was really excited to read Send in the Idiots by Kamran Nazeer because Nazeer attended a special school for students with autism when he was a child, and he decided to follow up on some of his classmates. Many years ago, I'd worked with kids who had learning disabilities, including a few who had autism, so I had a special interest in this book.

Maybe it was all the advance good reviews I had heard about this book or because I had built it up to heights it couldn't reach before I had read it, but I was kind of let down. I found the writing hard to follow; this, along with the author's many British-isms (referring to the shower as the shower cubicle), made for a lot of work to get through the book on my end.

However, I think Nazeer's perspective is quite valuable, especially for anyone working with those with autism, and I really wish I had read this book prior to working with those kids.

Next book up: Seeing Voices by Oliver Sacks


yasser said...

I like your blog; maybe you can include some sort of a recommendation such as read; strong read; can skip, etc....

Lee Anne said...

I will recommend this book to my sister. She's studying occupational therapy and is interested in working with autistic children and adults.