Friday, November 04, 2005


I commute everyday from San Jose to Palo Alto using public transit, so I read a lot of books from the library. Because I tend to pick them out by title or cover (and if I'm lucky, I'll skim the book jacket), sometimes I end up with something great, and sometimes not.

In general, I'm not a big fan of published book reviews. I don't find them very helpful: They seem overworked and too serious. I'm not sure what audience the reviewers has in mind when writing as it doesn't feel as if they're talking to a real person who's looking for something entertaining to read.

So I started this blog to record what I read and my opinions about it. I'll be incredibly biased (because we're talking about my tastes here), but I'll try to point out why I didn't like it (which may make someone else love it) along with other (hopefully) entertaining information.

I welcome any book suggestions. Please keep in mind that I generally only read library books (so the books would need to be available at the San Jose Library--which has an excellent online request system so the branch does not matter).

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Jenn said...

Maria! You are providing such a great service! I used to catch a few book reviews here and there in magazines, but the magazines I read now generally have reviews of books like "The Cat in the Hat". I rely on friends to tell me about books as I'm not so brave to just get something off the shelf (I get so angry when it's a waste of my time). I am reading a book a friend sent me and after that I can't wait to choose from your list! It's also a connection to you, my faraway friend. Now I can feel like we've gone somewhere together...a journey through the pages of a good book!